Turkish firm Karmod launches customizable luxury security booths

ISTANBUL: Turkish building manufacturer Karmod on Monday rolled out a new line of luxury security booths, custom-designed for corporate architectural concepts. Part of the new Metro City line, the booths will be customizable to meet corporate color schemes and design preferences, the company said in a statement, adding that they would be available in seven different sizes with various cladding options. "Most importantly, we provide the possibility to paint the Metro City security booths in different color combinations. Companies or projects with specific architectural concepts can purchase these booths tailored to their corporate colors," Karmod's General Manager Zekai Kucuk was quoted as saying in the statement. "We tried to incorporate more modern lines in our new model," Kucuk said, emphasizing the aesthetic aspect of the new model's design. "Aesthetic appearance was a priority. The roof eaves notably enhance the aesthetic appeal of the security booth. We can also implement different applications on th e booth's body to fully align with the corporate concepts of the locations where they will be used," he added. Metro City booths are available in dimensions ranging from 140x140 centimeters to larger 240x400 cm models, including some with built-in mini-kitchens and bathroom facilities with showers. Source: Anadolu Agency