China battles to plug 741-foot breach in dam at its 2nd-biggest freshwater lake

ISTANBUL: Thousands of workers are battling against time to plug the breach in a dam at China's second-largest freshwater lake, state media reported on Monday. The dike breach of around 226 meters (741 feet) in Dongting Lake in mountainous southern Hunan province in Huarong county occurred on Friday, triggering the evacuation of some 7,000 local residents. An unprecedented rainfall had led to unsuccessful emergency repairs in the lake embankments that comes under the jurisdiction of the city of Yueyang. Over 300 workers, including police and firefighters, working on a 14.3-kilometer (8.8-mile) embankment -- seen as the second line of defense against the lake's gushing waters -- appear to be under threat. Also, some 4,739 rescuers joined the rescue and relief operations, according to Yueyang flood control and drought relief headquarters. The embankment separates the flooded Tuanzhou township from the lake, while the water has broken through in several places. Local authorities expect to plug the gaps by Tuesday afternoon, local time. Source: Anadolu Agency