Turkish defense industry integrates new payloads into unmanned land vehicle

ANKARA: Different capabilities developed within the Turkish defense industry are coming together on the same platform and turning into new solutions for security forces. The homegrown ecosystem formed in the defense industry carries out studies by taking into account developing technologies and needs arising on the battlefield and user demands. One example of those efforts was carried out for the unmanned land vehicle platform. New payloads were integrated into the unmanned land vehicle, Barkan, which was recently added to the inventory of security forces. In this context, the 40-millimeter Automatic Grenade Launcher (RDS40-AGL) produced by Repkon Defence, took its place on Barkan with the Trakon Lite Remote Controlled Weapon System developed by Unirobotics. After integration works, Barkan was tested in closed and open areas with its new weapon and remote-controlled weapon system, and showed a successful performance. Barkan, a "medium class level 1 unmanned land vehicle," was developed by Turkish defens e giant, Havelsan, as one of the land-based elements of the "digital unity" concept. Barkan, which entered the inventory at the end of 2023 after field tests, can overcome difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions, as well as eliminating asymmetric threats against security forces with its features. Increasing combat effectiveness in high-risk military missions, Barkan is designed to provide advanced security in scenarios requiring agility. It can reach speeds of more than 13 kilometers per hour (8 miles per hour) and can operate for more than five hours. With the integration of Trakon Lite, Barkan will gain the ability to carry 7.62-, 5.56-millimeter machine guns and 12.7-millimeter heavy machine guns. The 40-millimeter Automatic Grenade Launcher is capable of firing 40x53 millimeter ammunition. The RDS40-AGL stands out among its counterparts with features such as being user-oriented, more reliable and more durable. Source: Anadolu Agency