Turkish trade minister attends reception for Egypt’s National Day

ISTANBUL: Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat on Tuesday attended a reception celebrating the National Day of Egypt, emphasizing the importance of strengthening trade, investment, and cultural relations between Ankara and Cairo. The reception was hosted by Egypt's Ambassador to Ankara Amr Elhamamy, Bolat said on X. 'As Trkiye, we place great importance on strengthening our trade, investment, and cultural relations with Egypt,' Bolat stated. 'We will continue to work on increasing our trade volume and diversifying our areas of cooperation with Egypt, with whom we have deep-rooted economic relations. We believe that the development of cooperation between Trkiye and Egypt will positively contribute to regional peace and prosperity,' he added. The minister also congratulated Egypt on its National Day, which is celebrated on July 23 and coincides with the annual commemoration of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, when the modern republic of Egypt was declared, bringing an end to the kingdom. Source: Anadolu Agen cy