Commodity prices fluctuate after Iran’s military response to Israel

ISTANBUL: Following rises in commodity markets, priced ease but fluctuated after the end of Iran's military response to Israel over the weekend. The price of Brent oil per barrel lost around 0.85% to $89.7 compared to Friday's close. Last week, it saw the $92.5 level, which is around the peak for the last six months. Natural gas prices dropped 0.85% and heating oil fell 0.89% over the same period as of GMT1015. The price of gold per ounce gained 0.33% to $2,351.4 versus last week's close. Last week, it also hit a historical high of $2,430. Silver also gained 1.82% to $28.35 after hitting $29.6 last week. Steel prices dropped 0.12%, while copper rose 0.75%. Wheat prices dropped 1.13% and soybeans dropped 0.21%, while rice earned 2.44%. Source: Anadolu Agency